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Contest: Damned Yankees

"Damned Yankees," by Bill Madden and Moss Klein, came out in 1990, and no, this isn't a case of me finally catching up, a la "The Godfather." I probably finished this book within a week of its publication.

This is one of our "Clearing out the bookshelf" giveaways, and - full disclosure - my copy is not in great shape. I'm still going to give it away because I think it's a must-read for baseball fans.

Madden and Klein detail George Steinbrenner's Yankees reign from 1973 through 1989. There was obviously much more to come, but you could convincingly argue that these were the craziest, liveliest of times under The Boss. You'll read great stories about Steinbrenner, Billy Martin, Reggie Jackson, Lou Piniella and many, many others. There are moments that are hilarious and others that are poignant, and some that are both.

And I'll give my copy of the book to the first person who e-mails me - at - with the correct answer to this question:

From 1973 until Steinbrenner's passing last year, the Yankees empoyed 14 different men as their manager, and they made a total of 22 changes; obviously many of those 14 served multiple tours of duty in the manager's office.

You probably could figure out that, of those 14 men, Joe Torre recorded the most victories (1,173) under Steinbrenner. And that Billy Martin tallied the second-most (556). But who ranks third on this list? What manager won the third-most games during the George Steinbrenner ownership?

Here are the rules to the contest.

--UPDATE, 1:21 p.m.: We have a winner! Tom Palacios knew that Buck Showalter, with 313 wins, ranks third on the "Managers wins under George Steinbrenner" list. Here's the list for all Yankees managers.




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