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Contest: The 1919 White Sox

Just a few months ago, we gave away a copy of "Eight Men Out," the 1988 film that offers an accounting of the 1919 "Black Sox scandal."

At the time, I noted that I loved the acting but intensely disliked how fast and loose screenplay writer and director John Sayles played with the facts.

Now we have a different take on the scandal, a documentary, this one a part of Major League Baseball Productions' "Triumph & Tragedy" series. And it's very well done. I'll gladly take the tradeoff of less "drama," per se, in return for fewer misleading errors.

By using historian talking heads like Frank Deford, Ken Burns, Bert Sugar, Bill Madden and John Thorn, the documentary imparts wisdom and perspective, in addition to accuracy. For example, Deford make the point that the Black Sox scandal was the culmination of gambling problems in baseball. It didn't come from nowhere.

It's good stuff. And now I'll give my copy of this documentary to the first person who e-mails me - at - with the correct answer to this question:

Since it's hard to come up with 1919 White Sox questions, let's make the question about Mark Teixeira, who is one of a handful of current players who is featured in this. Teixeria, now in his ninth year as a major leaguer, has played alongside five Most Valuable Players and five Cy Young Award winners. All but one of the 10 players in discussion already had won their honor (or, in some instances, honors) before they played with Teixeira.

Name the 10 players.

--Here are the contest rules.

--UPDATE, 1:47 p.m.: We have a winner! Dan Brown of Deer Park knew that Teixeira has counted these 10 men as his teammates:

MVPs: Juan Gonzalez (AL 1998, '99), Vladimir Guerrero (AL 2004), Chipper Jones (NL 1999), Alex Rodriguez (AL 2003, '05, '07) and Sammy Sosa (NL 1998).

Cy Young: Bartolo Colon (AL 2005), Eric Gagne (NL 2003), Tom Glavine (NL 1991, '98),  CC Sabathia (AL 2007) and John Smoltz (NL 1996).

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