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Contest: The Pride of the Yankees

I saw "The Pride of the Yankees" a few years back - since I started this blog, as I remember blogging about it and posting a review. I can't find it now, but to put it simply, I'm not a fan.

I understand that film styles were much different back in these days (the movie came out in 1943), and that the over-the-top elements of the film (Lou not telling his parents for a while that he was a professional baseball player, Lou tripping over a bat as he took the field for the first time as a big-leaguer) were acceptable. I don't care. I've seen it twice now, and I don't enjoy the film.

If you're less of a sourpuss than me, though, you'll like this DVD a great deal, for it features some decent extras on the making of the film and on Gehrig himself.

And I'll give this DVD to the first person who e-mails me - at - with the correct answer to this question:

Gehrig played his final major-league game at Yankee Stadium - a home game for him, obviously. But where did he play his final road game? Give me the precise name of the stadium, not just the city.

Here are the rules to the contest.

--UPDATE, 1:49 p.m.: We have a winner! Marc Chalpin knew that Gehrig's final road game occurred on April 23, 1939, against the Washington Senators at Griffith Stadium. Stop by Wednesday for another giveaway.

--UPDATE, 5:43 p.m.: Here are my original thoughts on "The Pride of the Yankees."


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