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Cubs hire strikeout leader Rob Deer to help hitters

Rob Deer

Rob Deer Credit: The Topps Company

Being a strikeout artist is usually good thing in the major leagues. If you're a pitcher.

But if you're slugger Rob Deer, it means leading the league in whiffs four times during an 11-season career and striking out more times (1,409) than games played (1,155).

Yet despite his deficiencies, the Cubs have hired Deer to be a staff assistant to help tutor their hitters. While he will work with batters, Deer will serve alongside hitting coach James Rowson and will not dress in uniform during games.

Now, Deer's career wasn't all bad. He did hit at least 21 home runs in eight consecutive seasons. But all those power cuts produced a hefty amount of swings and misses, and his career average is just .220. He never hit over .252 any season during his career.

Sounds like the perfect fit for a club that has consistently swung and missed for the last century.

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