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Daniel Murphy's injury, Jose Reyes and the Brett Gardner wager

Daniel Murphy's injury makes things interesting, doesn't it?

If Murphy indeed has to go on the disabled list, then one could argue that the "safe" plan of attack would be to put Mike Jacobs on the roster - letting Ike Davis continue his development at Triple-A Buffalo - and start next Monday against his former teammate Josh Johnson and the Marlins. Maybe Jacobs would even run into a flat Johnson pitch and hit it into the Pepsi Porch.

But there's one problem with that strategy. It underestimates just how bad Jacobs is. The guy has been worse than a replacement player each of the last three seasons.

Davis is 23 years old. Maybe he's not ready. But if that's the case, he'll stink it up for a couple of weeks in the big leagues, then return to Buffalo. There really shouldn't be any long-term damage from such a roll of the dice.

If that happens, and Murphy is still out? Call up Jacobs from Buffalo, if he's there, or else try Chris Carter. And Fernando Tatis can start against lefties. But Davis could very well be ready - and better than Murphy - right now. The Mets should test that theory.

--Just watched Jose Reyes speak with Kevin Burkhardt on SNY, and the broadcast team of Gary Cohen, Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez is endorsing the idea of starting Reyes Monday.

Here's my though: Ideally, the Mets wanted Reyes, coming off his surgery, to play a full Grapefruit League schedule, right? A good month of game action, to get his body fully ready for the grind of the regular season.

So now they're going to settle for about a week? If they make it a week and a half, then Reyes can return while the Mets are still home. If Reyes stays in Port St. Lucie and plays in some minor-league exhibition game, and goes on the disabled list - and all goes well - he can join the team on Saturday, April 10 for its game against the Nationals.

Shoot, from a revenue standpoint, maybe the Mets would sell a few extra tickets that day for Reyes' return.

I just don't see the harm in taking a little more time to get Reyes ready. We're talking about five games. That's three percent of the schedule.

--Jim (aka LouGehrig), one of the blog's finest provocateurs, wrote this on February 25:

"Ken, the Yankee outfield is totally uninspiring. Where's the star? If B.G. is a starter through 60 games, I will send a contribution to your favorite charity."

I believe that Gardner will be a capable everyday player who brings on-base ability, speed and defense to the party. I still think he could wind up starting many games in centerfield, if Curtis Granderson falters there. So, I disagree with Jim.

And therefore, if Jim is right - if Gardner has been benched by the Yankees' 61st game of the season (home against Houston) - I'll send a contribution to his favorite charity, which is the same as mine.

Anyone else want in on the non-binding action? Who thinks Gardner will succeed at least well enough that he's still a starter in Game 61? Who thinks he'll fall on his face sufficiently enough that he'll be benched, optioned or gone altogether? If you're so inclined, you can donate, as well, and it of course doesn't have to be my or Jim's choice of charity. 

I was thinking that $11 would be a good starting figure for a donation, in honor of Gardner's uniform number. But again, the charity thing is fully voluntary. We're just discussing Gardner's future.

Post your vote in the comments, and we'll check back on June 11.

--I didn't even see this about Roger Clemens until just now (from Twitter, of course). Yeesh. I still say that Clemens never spends a day in prison.

--Cute column by AOL Fanhouse's Ed Price, detailing the best promotions of the upcoming season.

UPDATE, 8:28 p.m. E.S.T.: You probably know by now that Reyes will start the season on the disabled list, while Jacobs will replace Murphy at first base. Thumbs up to the former, thumbs down to the latter.




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