Good Morning
Good Morning

David Wright, Derek Jeter, Jim Riggleman, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens

Very quickly, as it's late...

--The Mets won, and the best news for them came after the game, when Sandy Alderson announced that David Wright had been cleared to resume baseball activities.

It may be close to a month by the time Wright returns to a major-league game, and that's barring any setbacks. But given how injury news has gone for the Mets lately, this goes down as a positive.

--Derek Jeter might need more time than the minimum 15 days to heal his right calf. 

--Shockingly, Jim Riggleman resigned as manager of the Nationals, right after Washington defeated Seattle to go over .500. I'd say this comes down to a case of lacking self-awareness, but for all I know, Riggleman a) has a huge savings account and b) doesn't care if he never manages again. Because the strong bet now is that he'll never manage again.

Even so...don't you make a commitment to your organization and your players to bust your tail for an entire season? It's quite common for managers, especially those like Riggleman who don't have stature or leverage, to work without a safety net.

It's hard to construe this move as anything but selfish. Not to mention, if he thinks he's going to get another job, delusional.

--Barry Bonds' fate was delayed once again, as a federal judge gave prosecutors more time to decide whether they're going to re-try Bonds for the three counts that led to hung juries. We're also still waiting on whether the one conviction will be overturned. Bonds might hit the eight-year anniversary of his controversial BALCO grand jury testimony (in November) and still not know his deal.

--Roger Clemens enjoyed a good day, as a federal judge is letting him see the notes George Mitchell took when interviewing Brian McNamee and Kirk Radomski for The Mitchell Report. I'm in favor of anything that can potentially make Mitchell look bad.

--Have a great night.

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