Good Morning
Good Morning

David Wright, Fred Wilpon, Nick Swisher and Jose Bautista

Greetings from Yankee Stadium. It feels quiet here, after a busy Yankees stretch that included the Red Sox at home, Tampa Bay and Baltimore on the road and then the Mets back at home.

The hottest story continues to be Fred Wilpon's interview with The New Yorker, and David Wright told Newsday teammate David Lennon, in a text message, ""Fred is a good man and is obviously going through some difficult times. There is nothing more productive that I can say at this time."

Good move by Wright. He looks all the better for taking the high road. I wonder if Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran will do the same. It would be quite understandable if they criticized their employer.

To reiterate and sort of expand upon what I wrote this morning, if the Mets have to be disrupted for a few days because of Wilpon's comments, or if Wilpon has to personally apologize to the players he so rudely criticized, I think that Wilpon will grin and bear it.

You have to give something to get something, and Wilpon gave New Yorker reporter Jeffrey Toobin some terrific access - and a candid moment - in return for Toobin going after Irving Picard. 

Right now, if you told Wilpon, "You're destined to a legacy as a buffoonish owner of a baseball team," I think his response would be, "But what about the Madoff stuff?" If you responded, "People will generally think you didn't know what you were getting into," he'd be thrilled.

That's just my opinion.

As an addendum, when I expressed a 140-character version of this opinion on Twitter, a handful of Mets fans ripped into me, wondering exactly what Wilpon said that was wrong. So it seems that Wilpon connected with at least one segment of the Mets' fan base by being so forthright.

And also so dumb.

One more thought: Will this story impact the Mets? Maybe a little. Beltran detached himself emotionally from the club years ago, but not Reyes. And Wright, who has been such a good soldier throughout the years when it comes to media and charity events, can't be pleased at all.

So it's incumbent upon both Terry Collins and the players' agents to make sure the players' heads are in the right place. Even if they think the guy who signs their checks is a dolt.

OK, one more thought: Will this impact the trade discussions for Reyes and Beltran? I don't see it. What, a team's scout is going to tell his general manager, "Beltran looks great!" and the GM is going to respond, "I don't know, didn't you see what Fred Wilpon said in The New Yorker?"

--Nick Swisher is sitting out a second straight day for the Yankees, as Chris Dickerson is starting in rightfield. Joe Girardi said he wanted to give Swisher a couple of days off to "clear his head."

Two days to clear his head? That task is doable in about 10 minutes!

(I kid, I kid. Sort of.)

I wouldn't say, "Keep playing Dickerson for as long as he hits," because Swisher's upside is too high and it's still just May 23. But I do think we're moving closer to a point where Swisher will have to pay an even higher price for performing this poorly.

 --I participated in a group interview with Jose Bautista, the first time I've done so. Seems like a low-key guy. It turns out that Bautista and Curtis Granderson, the home-run crown challengers, were teammates on the Tigres del Licey for a few weeks during the Dominican winter league in 2005.

I'll be writing my column on Bautista. Please, don't tell anyone.

--Happy birthday to Richie G.

--Have a great night.

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