Good Morning
Good Morning

Davidoff's 7th-inning stretch

Which Hall of Famer does Phil (Daniel Stern) recall throwing up on, in the 1991 film "City Slickers"?

Teams with clear holes

Mets. Pitchers and catchers and first basemen, oh my!

Tigers. Detroit needs bats, which is why a Johnny Damon signing makes sense.

Dodgers. Their starting rotation is dangerously thin.

General managers in the spotlight

Omar Minaya, Mets. Although he'll probably make it through the season.

Dave Dombrowski, Tigers. As will he. But he has recommended several bad contracts.

Neal Huntington, Pirates. It's time for the Pirates to start showing some progress, in Huntington's third season.

Trend of the week: Veteran free agents indicating they'll try the half-season route. Both Carlos Delgado and John Smoltz have hinted at it.

Blink of the week: Tim Lincecum, about to head to his arbitration hearing, agreed to a two-year, $23-million deal with the Giants. Seems like he could've done better.

Quote of the week: "He's a lot more competitive than Ken Takahashi. He's got a quality game face." - A scout from another club, speaking about new Mets pitcher Hisanori Takahashi.

Pop quiz answer

Willie Mays. Thanks to Gary Mintz of South Huntington for the suggestion.

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