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Derek Jeter, Cliff Lee and the Madoff Mets

Mets COO Jeff Wilpon.

Mets COO Jeff Wilpon. Credit: Craig Ruttle

It is a most odd experience, sitting here at Steinbrenner Field in December, although it isn't much colder than an early spring training day.

In any case, let's get down to business:

To his credit, Derek Jeter didn't pretend that everything was all hunky-dory between himself and the Yankees. He described himself as "angry" over how things went down. At first, he claimed to be upset merely with the media for portraying him as "greedy," but he eventually acquiesced and acknowledged that he was upset with Brian Cashman for some of the general manager's strong comments from a couple of weeks ago.

Cashman, for his part, said he had absolutely no regrets about how everything went down.

So there you have it: One side heavily regretted the process of the last month, the other side not at all. Jeter made a point of saying he never wanted to become a free agent in the first place.

What happens from here? Nothing much, really. Remember, it's not like this relationship turned from wonderful to horrible in a month's time. It had actually been quite icy for a long time. In some ways, perhaps it was good for Jeter to awake to certain realities.

Cashman said a position switch was never discussed, because he didn't feel compelled to discuss it. If Jeter plays himself out of the shortstop position, Cashman said, then he'd have to address it.

--The Yankees essentially conducted all of their media-relations business here in Tampa, with Cashman and Joe Girardi planning to drive back together to Disney World. Cashman sounded a little antsy in discussing Cliff Lee, as negotiations are going slower than Cashman had hoped.

My guess: Lee's agent Darek Braunecker is trying to increase clubs' urgency, that's all. Jon Heyman reports of a mystery team offering Lee a seven-year contract, and as Heyman tweets, the Yankees don't want to go past six years. This could get very interesting, and I still think it'll get resolved sooner than later.

--The Mets were sued today by a trustee in the Bernard Madoff case. The Mets say it'll be business as usual, and look, they did just spend several million dollars to hire a new front office. 

But given how little money they appear to be spending on payroll, it's natural to wonder whether the Mets are financially limited because of this suit.

--I'll check in later if the news merits it.

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