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Derek Jeter's lagging slugging percentage

Derek Jeter strikes out in the first inning

Derek Jeter strikes out in the first inning against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Yankee Stadium on Sunday, Apr. 27, 2014. Credit: Jim McIsaac

Ruben Tejada is in trouble.

Last season he spent time in the minors and lost his job to Omar Quintanilla. This season, Wilmer Flores, a defensive liability, was supposedly called up to take his starting spot...but then Flores got sick.

So how about this nugget: The much-maligned Tejada has a higher slugging percentage at cavernous Citi Field than Derek Jeter has at comfy Yankee Stadium this season.

And even when it comes to on-base percentage at home? No contest.

In 60 plate appearances at Citi Field, Tejada has posted a .362 OBP and .271 slugging percentage. In 66 plate appearances at Yankee Stadium, Jeter has a .281 OBP and .267 slugging percentage.

It's when they're on the road that the pair experiences role reversals.

But even Jeter's superior .364 slugging percentage away from home is disconcerting. And his overall .315 slugging percentage is incredibly troubling.

Jeter has just five extra-base hits in 32 games. If he plays the rest of the season at the same rate, that puts him on pace for 20 extra-base hits. His previous career worst? During a season in which he's played at least 20 games, Jeter has never had fewer than the 34 extra-base hits he had in 2011. His current pace nearly cuts that in half.

Jeter has never posted a slugging percentage lower than his current .315 mark during any season in which he's played at least 20 games since . . . 1992. In rookie ball. During his first season in minor league baseball.

There are currently 179 players that have enough at-bats to qualify for the batting title. Jeter is tied for 160th on that list.

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