Good Morning
Good Morning

Gary Carter, the Citi Field crowd, home-plate collisions and the Yankees

More bad news emerged for Gary Carter, as it now appears likely that the Hall of Famer has a malignant brain tumor.

Thoughts and prayers go out to Carter and his family.

--At the Mets game, I wrote about the fan atmosphere, which was surprisingly good, I thought. I even had the chance to meet occasional blog commenter Doug, who is a good dude and a good quote.

--Sandy Alderson responded to David Einhorn's verbal bouquets Thursday with some verbal bouquets Friday.

--David Wright demurred when asked about Fred Wilpon's recent published comments. Wright repeatedly referred to Wilpon's "negative" comment, so it's clear that Wright wasn't very happy about this. Yet he's way too smart to sink to Wilpon's level and return fire.

--I'm sorry, but the "debate" concerning home-plate collisions, sparked by Buster Posey's injury, is preposterous. As you can see in this linked Associated Press story, there are unspoken rules between the baserunner and the catcher in these incidents. By all accounts, Florida's Scott Cousins followed those rules.

I understand that San Francisco manager Bruce Bochy, a former catcher, is upset because he lost one of his most important players. But come on, now. This isn't similar to rules concerning protective gear, illegal performance-enhancing drugs or disabled lists for concussions.

There's no need to adjust any rules, IMO. This is just an overreaction to a grisly injury to a high-profile player.

Joe Girardi and Mark Teixeira agree.

--David Robertson spent Thursday's off day in Tuscaloosa, helping people and places impacted by the recent tornado.

--The Yankees lost in Seattle, blowing a 3-0 lead, which means that Islander505 loses the bet to NaOH about the Yankees putting together a six-game winning streak. The Yankees fell four wins short. I-505 owes $56 to the Alzheimer's Association. Thanks to NaOH for proposing the wager, and to I-505 for accepting it.

--Have a great day.

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