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George Steinbrenner, Paul DePodesta and Joe Morgan

We have our annual BBWAA New York chapter meeting this morning, so just a few items:

--George Steinbrenner is on the Hall of Fame ballot for the first time, with the results announced Dec. 6 at the winter meetings in Orlando. I wrote a column arguing that The Boss is a slam-dunk for deserved induction. 

Will he get in? Looking at the 16-man panel, identified at the bottom of this story, it's hard to say. His one known ally on the panel is White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf. I don't see any known adversaries.

But given that that Marvin Miller is on the ballot yet again, having missed out multiple times previously, I'd very much like to see him get in first. If the panel decides that The Boss should serve a little more time in the waiting room or what have you - and it elected Miller - then I'd be on board with that.

--Paul DePodesta is now a Mets official, and that's another day of great news for Mets fans. As mentioned previously here, the fact that DePodesta left a superb situation in San Diego speaks to how much admiration he has for Sandy Alderson. It also speaks to the Mets' commitment to Alderson; word is that DePodesta was making about $800,000 with the Padres, so I assume this offer had to be in the same ballpark

To reiterate another point: The Mets aren't guaranteeing great future results with the hirings of Alderson, DePodesta and J.P. Ricciardi. But they are guaranteeing a far greater decision-making process, which of course increases the odds of better results.

It's also worth noting that one of the greater problems of the Mets in recent years has been miscasting people. Omar Minaya, a great scout, never should've been a GM. Jerry Manuel, a fine bench coach - all right, maybe that's a stretch. How about a fine conversationalist - never should've been a manager.

Ricciard's and DePodesta's reigns as general managers both ended in disappointment, yet both featured clear indications that the men had some skills in player evaluation. That they'll now be working under Alderson in that arena - and not saddled with some administration/leadership duties that didn't necessarily fit them - shows that they're being put in better situations to succeed.

The DePodesta hiring does seem to accelerate the momentum on the idea of Terry Collins managing the Mets, and if that actually comes to fruition, I'll be ready with questions. I'd have real doubts about that one - Collins' Angels teams suffered some meltdowns that would fit in well with the 2007-08 Mets - yet I'd be curious to hear Alderson's explanation and be open-minded to it.

--At the risk of veering into Neil Best territory, kudos to ESPN for finally dumping Joe Morgan from its "Sunday Night Baseball" telecast. Hey, it took them only 21 years.

I'd love to find some contrarian take on Morgan, point out why he was actually good, just because it's fun to stir it up. But no. He was simply dreadful.

Jon Miller is gone, too - he might shift over to ESPN Radio - and I would've liked to see him get a chance with a different analyst. 

--Have a great day.


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