Good Morning
Good Morning

Greetings from the Holiday Weekend of Good Feelings

"Holiday Weekend of Good Feelings" isn't very catchy, eh? I'll have to work on that. I'm just struck, not that it's a very original thought, how we enter this weekend with both the Yankees and Mets feeling so good about themselves. Usually, at least one of them is mired in crisis.

Not a heck of a lot of pre-game news today, but let's share what we know:

--On the Mets' side, David Wright hit off a tee in Port St. Lucie earlier today. 

--Terry Collins went with a lineup featuring Justin Turner at third base, Daniel Murphy at first base, Ruben Tejada at second base and Ronny Paulino at catcher because, he said, this was a lineup that he felt played well at Citi Field. The Mets are just 18-20 at home (23-20 on the road) and know they have to improve here if they want to make a serious run at a playoff spot.

--More news on the Yankees' side, simply because they have more prominent players on the disabled list who are seriously progressing. Derek Jeter will play tomorrow and Sunday at Double-A Trenton, and Brian Cashman said he plans to attend both games. He'll closely monitor Jeter's activity to the extent where, if Jeter has a particularly active first few innings - in terms of running the bases and fielding his position - Cashman will order Jeter to be removed.

--No decision made yet on Phil Hughes' next appearance, but it sounds like there's a real chance the Yankees will go with a six-man starting rotation, at least for a little while. That setup would allow Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia to get some extra rest.

I doubt the Yankees would let that carry out for an extended period, and besides, as Cashman noted, a six-man rotation usually ends after a short time span because something happens. One of the pitchers gets injured or pitches his way out.

The logical candidate to get demoted for Hughes, if the Yankees stick with a five-man rotation, is tonight's starter Ivan Nova.

For the short term, it appears the Yankees will see how Colon does tomorrow before committing to Hughes' next outing before making any decisions. It's still possible that Hughes could make one more minor-league start.

--The rehabbing Eric Chavez strained his back, Cashman said, so Chavez's return date has been shifted from July 5 to...who knows when.

--Rafael Soriano threw his first bullpen session today. He could rejoin the Yankees right after the All-Star break "if everything goes perfectly," Cashman said. Of course, things rarely go perfectly.

--Have a great night. Enjoy the game.




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