Good Morning
Good Morning

Hal Steinbrenner, Yu Darvish, Alex Rodriguez, Sandy Alderson and Frank Francisco

It has been here at the GMs' meetings, which today mophed into the GMs/owners' meetings. The agenda of the actual meetings is more loaded than previous years, according to multiple people, which has led to less work on the baseball operations front.

Fred Wilpon arrived at 11:15 this morning, shook hands of the media members he knew and then said, "You know I have nothing to say, anyway" before walking away and ignoring questions about Jose Reyes.

Hal Steinbrenner arrived at 12:13 this afternoon and decided to take his quarterly dosage of media, answering questions for about seven minutes and covering as much ground as any reasonable person could have hoped.

Here's the story I wrote regarding Steinbrenner's thoughts on pursuing Yu Darvish. Here's another one inculding Steinbrenner's thoughts on Alex Rodriguez

I asked the question regarding Steinbrenner's first comments in the Darvish story. It concerned whether the Yankees' terrible experience with Kei Igawa would make Steinbrenner reluctant to try that avenue again with Darvish.

Steinbernner said it wouldn't. I think it will. Time will tell.

Brian Cashman said he met with agents Adam Katz (who represents Cuban defector Yoenis Cespedez, not yet a free agent, and pitchers Bartolo Colon and Joel Pineiro) and Danny Lozano, with whom Cashman discussed current Yankees Alex Rodriguez and Nick Swisher and not so much free agents Carlos Beltran, Albert Pujols or Jimmy Rollins. He also exchanged phone messages with agent Scott Leventhal, who informed Cashman that his client Eric Chavez intends to play in 2012.

Cashman smiled when asked about the confusion surrounding whether the Yankees invited C.J. Wilson to New York or vice versa. Said Cashman:  "I don't feel the need to clarify anything - on my end." No meetings are planned at this time, Cashman said.

--As for the Mets, as Sandy Alderson welcomed a group of New York media into his room, out came agents Barry Praver and Scott Shapiro, who represent free-agent reliever Frank Francisco - precisely the type of second-tier reliever the Mets intend to sign. Maybe even two of those guys.

Because that isn't very exciting, I'm going to write about how, as exemplified by Wilpon's refusal to talk, Alderson has become the face of this Mets transition.

But please, don't inform the competition of that.

--Have a great night.

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