Greetings from Yankee Stadium. The Yankees are still playing extremely short-handed, what with Jorge Posada (right foot) and Nick Swisher (left biceps) unavailable, and Greg Golson out (before last night's game) to make room for Mark Melancon. The Yankees have 12 position players (two unavailable) and 13 pitchers on their roster.

So Joe Girardi essentially has one bullet to fire regarding in-game changes, and taht would be Ramiro Pena. Although, Girardi said, Posada would come into catch if Francisco Cervelli had to leave the game with an injury.

The setup increases the likelihood that Girardi will give up his DH late in the game, as he did both Sunday and Monday. Maybe we'll even see a pitcher pinch run.

--Anyway, the news of the day involves two players once traded for one another. In St. Louis, where the Marlins are playing, Hanley Ramirez is ready to be contrite about the events of the last couple of days.

It's apparent that Ramirez is never going to be a model teammate. but the important, short-term issue was working through this crisis, and Florida has appeared to have done so. It's especially crucial for manager Fredi Gonzalez. As Jon Heyman reported today, Marlins manager Jeffrey Loria communicated with Bobby Valentine as far back as last summer, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out the topic of discussion.

--Back in Boston, the Red Sox placed Josh Beckett on the disabled list. It makes Joe Girardi look foolish for last night's protest, but in Girardi's defense, I think he was objecting to the process of what happened more than anything else.

Tim Wakefield will replace Beckett in Boston's rotation, and while that would normally represent a significant downgrade, Beckett had been pitching so poorly (perhaps because he was hurt) that Wakefield could probably exceed it.

--David Wright isn't playing tonight in Washington, and according to my Newsday teammate David Lennon's tweet, Wright said, "If he feels Tatis gives us the best chance to win tonight, I’m all for it." It's hard to judge that without hearing the tone.

I would've played Wright tonight, as we discussed this morning, but Wright has been such a head-scratcher that I can't fault Jerry Manuel too much for this call. Manuel said, according to Lennon, that Wright will hit third starting tomorrow, with Ike Davis cleanup and Jason Bay fifth. That's better than some of the lineups used lately.

--Finally, back here in the Bronx, I sat in on Joe Maddon's pre-game news session. He is awfully engaging. He spoke about his desire to see the Rays prove themselves here at the Stadium. How there's a special skill to winning at "playoff venues."

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And Maddon is about as new-age as it gets among baseball managers when it comes to statistical analysis, but he spoke of how much easier his job is this year with a set closer in Rafael Soriano. Now, with his starting pitchers routinely going into the seventh - they have an impressive 255 innings pitched in 39 starts, about 6.5 innings per start - he has to figure out matchups for only four or five outs on the average night.

--Carl Crawford addressed reporters, but used the old "I don't think about it" line when someone asked about possibly signing with the Yankees this coming winter. As we've discussed here previously, I think the Yankees are more likely to sign Cliff Lee than Crawford on the free-agent market.