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Here comes Ike Davis

The Savior has arrived in Flushing. He'll hit sixth in the lineup and play first base.

"I don't see him necessarily as a savior of the deal," Jerry Manuel said of Ike Davis. "I see him as a good complement to what we have."

Oops! Sorry, Mets. My bad.

The Mets' basic explanation for this early move: They didn't like what they were seeing from Mike Jacobs. With other guys in the offense struggling - namely Jose Reyes, who will sit out tonight, and Jason Bay, who sat out last night - they felt like they had to make a move.

So why didn't they just open the season with Davis? After all, it's like Jacobs was Albert Pujols gone bad. He was Mike Jacobs, a sub-replacement level player.

Omar Minaya said that he wanted Davis, who concluded last season with Double-A Binghamton, to see at least some time at Triple-A. Ten games at Triple-A sufficed, according to Minaya.

Grading on a Mets scale, this whole thing didn't go down too poorly. At least it took them only two weeks. At least, by making this move, they displayed that they weren't concerned about starting Davis' arbitration clock.

On an industry-wide scale, however...the Mets just wasted two weeks, in a season in which they badly wanted to start off well, on Jacobs.

--As for Reyes, he asked for the day off. He obviously hasn't looked like himself so far.

Cause for concern? I guess. But it's not shocking that Reyes, after missing the final four months of last year and virtually all of spring training, isn't quite up to speed yet.

--Minaya also said that Carlos Beltran will visit Dr. Richard Steadman this week in Colorado, as a scheduled checkup on his right knee. The last time Beltran saw Steadman, he wound up having the controversial procedure that greatly upset the Mets.

So I guess, to borrow from this "Simpsons" episode, the Mets consider Steadman's office to be "Unnecessary Surgery Land."

--Finally, to follow up on this morning's blog post, the Rays clobbered the Red Sox, again, to complete a four-game sweep of Boston at Fenway Park. Very impressive.

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