Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Ike Davis, Charlie Samuels, Rafael Soriano, Gene Monahan and Bartolo Colon

With the weather keeping the Mets in Denver for an extra day, Ike Davis headed to New York to have his left leg examined. Based on the initial reaction to the injury, you'd think Davis would be placed on the disabled list today.

--Former Mets clubhouse manager Charlie Samuels was arrested on Wednesday. Full disclosure: I never cared much for Samuels. I thought he was a jerk. But when I read this story, featuring the over-the-top, moralistic comments by Queens district attorney Richard Brown and New York City police commissioner Ray Kelly, it makes me sympathize for Samuels. 

He'll get what's coming from him; we'll see where the case goes. But if Brown and Kelly truly think that Samuels is unique in abusing his position of access to a professional sports team, then I have a hockey team I'd like to sell them.

--Rafael Soriano won't go on the disabled list, after being diagnosed with right elbow inflammation. Not yet, anyway. You think Brian Cashman is glad he spoke his mind upon Soriano's signing? If the Yankees had truly closed ranks, then Cashman would be taking heat for this signing. Instead, he can shrug his shoulders and say, "Don't blame me."

--Gene Monahan, the longtime trainer who is a Yankees institution, announced his retirement yesterday. When I became a Yankees beat writer, I was fine speaking to the likes of Derek Jeter, Paul O'Neill and Joe Torre. I was more intimidated by Monahan just because I remembered seeing him on TV so often as I grew up watching Yankees games.

As Monahan references at the bottom of Steve Zipay's story, he didn't talk much. It wasn't his job to do so, specifically regarding the media. But on occasion, I'd go to Monahan regarding an old Yankee's return _ when Yogi Berra reconciled with the club in 1999, or when Catfish Hunter made one final viist to spring training (also in '99) before losing his battle with Lou Gehrig's Disease _ and he'd speak from the heart about his memories of that person.

Jack Curry wrote about the time that Monahan treated his injury, and that reminded me of my Monahan consult. Never much of an athlete, I managed to nick my left thumb pretty good while swinging at a pitch in the 2002 New York-Boston media game at Fenway Park. The nail of the thumb was wholly purple.

Following the game that night, I showed the nail to Monahan to get his advice. It was the only time I ever saw him remotely startled.

"You need to go to a hospital and get that drained," he told me. So I headed straight to Massachusetts General and had it addressed, painfullly. You don't ignore Monahan's advice.

--Brian Cashman's job isn't too hard right now, especially compared to Boston GM Theo Epstein's agita, Anthony Rieber writes.

--Royals rookie Eric Homser's grandparents live in Cold Spring, Barbara Barker writes. Props to YES for showing Hosmer's family celebrating last night after Hosmer's first big-league homer. Usually YES isn't into that sort of thing (acknowleding the opponent in a positive fashion).

Hosmer also delivered the game-winning sacrifice fly. Just from watching him play for a couple of games, I can see why there's hype surrounding him. Love his swing and his approach.

--Bartolo Colon underwent some controversial treatment last year, The New York Times reports. Very good story. Very interesting, and sure, we should be suspicious and skeptical whenever we see something like this.

In terms of real-world consequences, however, it's extremely unlikely there'll be any.

--The Angels' Kendrys Morales will miss the entire season due to the left ankle injury he suffered while celebrating a game-ending grand slam last year. I discovered this news on Twitter, which thankfully is in good shape.

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