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Items! Jose Reyes, Josh Thole, Yankees baserunning, Francisco Liriano and alcohol abuse

The Yankees' Jorge Posada celebrates with Brett Gardner

The Yankees' Jorge Posada celebrates with Brett Gardner after scoring a run in the fourth inning run against the Detroit Tigers. (May 3, 2011) Credit: Getty Images

In the spirit of the great Jackie Harvey (speaking of which, I sound like Jackie Harvey himself - does anyone know why his stuff isn't coming up on The Onion?)...

Item! Jose Reyes puts together a great night at Citi Field, and the Mets lose, two results moving Reyes and the Mets toward an amicable divorce.

If I were to rank the teams most likely to acquire Reyes in June or July, I think I'd put the Giants number one at the moment. They make so much sense, due to 1) the Giants' need for a bat, not to mention defense; 2) their willingness to expand payroll; and 3) their willingness to give up prospects in a deal, all the more so during a season in which they're defending their World Series title.

Throw in that Giants GM Brian Sabean, the game's most tenured GM on one team, has a good relationship with Mets GM Sandy Alderson, going back to Alderson's A's days, as well as Alderson's lieutenants Paul DePodesta (from the A's, and also from DePodesta's time with Sabean's rivals the Dodgers and Padres) and J.P. Ricciardi (also from the A's), and you have the makings of a deal.

We're jumping the gun, of course; we have another five weeks or so before the Mets would even consider a trade like this, and it might be closer to 12 weeks. But I minored in Jumping the Gun at the University of Michigan, so here we are.

Item! Josh Thole has a rough night, offensively and defensively, and Terry Collins hints that Thole might get a breather for a few days, with Ronny Paulino getting some consecutive starts.

Makes sense on Collins' part. Thole looks a bit overwhelmed right now, and we know that he's good enough to play on this level. Not necessarily be a star, but certainly be a catcher of value. 

Item! The Yankees lose, in large part due to poor baserunning.

Strange. They had a rough baserunning night on Monday, too, when Curtis Granderson overslid second base on a steal. Out of character for these Yankees, who saw both the Rays and Red Sox gain ground on them.

Item! Derek Jeter says he's feeling better at the plate.

I didn't see the Yankees' game, since I was at Citi Field. Thoughts, anyone? Did Jeter look better?

Item! Francisco Liriano, his spot in the Twins' rotation threatened by Ron Gardenhire, throws a no-hitter against the White Sox.

The Twins are now 10-18. Will an outing like this propel them back into the race? Or will it propel Liriano into trade discussions, as a disappointing Twins team looks to build toward the future?

The Yankees, Rangers and other clubs surely are rooting for the latter.

Item! Major League Baseball will get tougher on alcohol abuse in the next collective bargaining agreement, Ken Rosenthal reports in an excellent column.

No, this doesn't mean that DUI offenders like Derek Lowe or Shin-Soo Choo would be suspended immediately upon their arrest. Due process is staying intact. But once everything has played out in the legal arena, classifying alcohol as a "drug of abuse" - like cocaine or marijuana - would give baseball some juice to penalize players in these instances.

Item! I finally got to meet renowned Giants fan Gary Mintz last night. He was happy with the Giants' win but unhappy that Liriano's no-hitter reminded him of the worst trade in Giants history.

Item! No contest today, as I have to tie up some loose ends from yesterday's giveaway. Hopefully tomorrow.

Item! Have a great day.

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