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Good Morning

Jason Bay, Jerry Manuel, Yankees trade targets and pie injuries

Plenty of news here at Citi Field. Who needs a trade deadline?

--Jason Bay is out with...wait for it...a mild concussion. How much do you think the Mets would pay for one of their players to never suffer a concussion again? Just so they could avoid mentions of Ryan Church? $1 million? $2 million? $250,000? $10?

Anyway, Bay said he didn't feel any repercussions from his dramatic Friday catch _ and yes, the team doctors did examine him Friday - until Sunday. And that he didn't notify the trainers of his "dull" (his word) headaches until the team already was on the plane for the cross-country flight.

Of course, we media types being both cynical and amateur satirists, we were envisioning scenarios like Bay approaching the trainers after Sunday's game at Dodgers Stadium...

Bay: Hey, can I talk to you guys about something?

Ray Ramirez (head trainer): Sure, Jason. As soon as we get on the plane.

Mike Herbst (assistant trainer): Yeah, we're just packing our things, and then we're going to eat. So once we're up in the air, hit us with it.

But no, it's apparently on Bay for the fact that he sat on a long flight - just as Church did, two years ago - with what turned out to be a concussion.

For now, Bay won't go on the disabled list, yet if he doesn't heal in the next 48-72 hours, he likely will. In the best-case scenario, Bay will take the next two days to get better, another two days to get back out on the field and then be back by...maybe Sunday against Arizona, or maybe just the start of the next road trip, Monday night in Atlanta.

So for this week, Jeff Francoeur becomes an everyday player again. And almost certainly does not get traded by Saturday. Of course, he's a guy who will clear waivers in August.

--Jerry Manuel won't manage tonight, as he serves a one-game suspension for his argument with umpire Doug Eddings last Friday (the same night Bay made his catch) in L.A. Bench coach Dave Jauss will replace Manuel.

--Yankees trade targets: They're looking big and small. They've checked in with the Phillies on Jayson Werth and with the Nationals on Adam Dunn. I don't think they'd have serious interest in giving extensions to either impending free agent, so they'd be looking for bargain prices that probably won't come to fruition. And you know they're looking for bullpen and bench help.

Speaking of which, the Yankees are one of the teams on Joakim Soria's no-trade list, ESPN New York's Andrew Marchand reports. It makes sense, given the presence of Mariano Rivera with the Yankees. In any case, I can't see the Yankees giving up what the Royals would want for Soria, as the Yankees appreciate that relievers can be overvalued.

--Other trade stuff: Mixed opinions exist in the industry over whether the Brewers will trade Prince Fielder. Said one decision-maker on another club: "I don't see it happening. They're going to want a huge return on him, and no team will give that up because they know Fielder will become a free agent after next year." Scott Boras represents Fielder; hence the lack of confidence.

--I still think Roy Oswalt stays, and there is a lot of exasperation with Oswalt throughout the industry. What he has done, to reiterate, is pretty galling: "Get me out of here, now! Oh, wait, don't send me there. Or there. And pay me more money."

--Cardinals GM John Mozeliak is here, and he said that he's looking for starting pitching. St. Louis doesn't have much depth in its farm system, however, after executing big deals last year for Mark DeRosa and Matt  Holliday.

--This is amazing: Florida's Chris Coughlin has a serious left knee injury that he suffered in a post-game, walk-off victory, pie celebration. In the wake of this, the Yankees have to stop their pie routine, right? It was getting a little uncomfortable anyway, in light of how poorly A.J. Burnett had been pitching.

--The great Larry Stone of the Seattle Times determines that the 2010 Mariners are the greatest disappointment in franchise history. I'd ask y'all what you think, but my hunch is we have very few Mariners fans among the readership.

--Pretty cool breakdown here of a recent Francisco Rodriguez pitching performance.

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