Good Evening
Good Evening

Jason Pridie, Chris Young, Boone Logan and ballplayers' alcohol usage

At the Mets game, I wrote about Jason Pridie and the Mets' roster. The Mets' only chance to legitimately contend - and it's a slim chance, to be sure - is to get contributions from the like of Pridie, Justin Turner (who supplied last night's game-winning hit) and Chris Young.

And speaking of Young, his bowing out from last night's start reflects once again just how fragile he is. We'll probably find out today whether he'll go on the disabled list or not. But the Mets made clear last night that they were hoping he could pitch, and that they still have hope he can pitch next weekend in Houston. Young doesn't appear as confident about the whole thing.

--Jose Reyes had one of those "Oy! Reyes!" nights, committing two mistakes on the basepaths. It's who Reyes is, of course.Gotta take the bad with the good, and there's plenty of good.

--Good feature by Kimberley Martin about Amazin' Calls, a new initiative by the Mets. Which reminds me, I've been meaning to plug Citi Field Kids for a couple of days now. I stumbled upon an event of theirs last Thursday that featured Sandy Alderson and actor Ty Burrell (Phil from "Modern Family"), among others, as speakers. It's a really good program.

Bartolo Colon had his first bad start, but as Erik Boland writes, the Yankees lost because Boone Logan couldn't get lefties out. With neither Pedro Feliciano nor Damaso Marte likely to help this year, and with LOOGYs hard to find on the trade market, the Yankees have brought back old prospect Brad Halsey to see if he can help. Halsey is working out at the Yankees' complex in Tampa. Halsey hasn't pitched in the big leagues since 2006, but hey, Colon hadn't pitched effectively in the big leagues since '05. 

--Jorge Posada is really struggling as the Yankees' designated hitter, and in addition to hurting the team, he also is putting the kibosh on any chance he had to come back to the team next year.

--Curtis Granderson is enjoying his power surge, and the Yankees are, too, obviously.

--In my Sunday Insider, I voiced an opinion on the unfortunate string of DUI incidents in baseball, spoke to a Phillies representative about their decision to not air Barack Obama's statement last Sunday night and addressed some starting pitching/trade scuttlebutt.

--Justin Verlander pitched his second no-hitter. For sure, Verlander has the sort of dominant stuff that makes you think he could do that.

--Happy Mother's Day to Mrs. Insider, Marilyn from South Amboy and all of the mothers out there. Let's make sure we treat them right today.

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