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Joe Girardi on Subway Series Game 2: 'We'll have to see what the weather brings'

Yankees manager Joe Girardi watches in the first

Yankees manager Joe Girardi watches in the first inning of Game 1 of a doubleheader. (May 13, 2013) Credit: AP

There was still a steady rain falling on the tarp at Citi Field just a few minutes before the scheduled start of Yankees vs. Mets Round 2, and amid conflicting weather reports, Yankees manager Joe Girardi offered what appeared to be the simplest - but probably most reasonable - prediction for when the game would start: "I guess it's one of those things you look up in the sky and see if it's raining."


"I don't think either manager wants to have where you start and you're not able to finish the game," Girardi said. "But we'll have to see what the weather brings. I've heard different scenarios, whether it's we could start later than seven o'clock and we'll be fine. But I've also heard there's thunder showers."

One could imagine that Terry Collins would certainly not be keen on starting a game only to see it suspended by rain, considering the Mets went through that very same scenario on Friday against the Braves, picking the game up Saturday before their regularly scheduled contest against Atlanta.

The tarp did start to come off the field as the hard rain switched to a drizzle late afternoon, but it had to be unfurled again only a short time later when the bad weather returned.

When - and if - the game does start, Girardi said he wouldn't be too concerned by his starter, Hiroki Kuroda, who suffered a calf injury after getting hit by a comebacker during his last start.

"Early a little bit, but I'm pretty confident that that's behind him and it won't be a problem for him," Girardi said. "But just make sure he's pushing off okay."

If he gets to push off at all.

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