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Joe Girardi's post-mortem

New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi speaks during

New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi speaks during a news conference at Yankee Stadium. (Oct. 11, 2011) Credit: Jim McIsaac

By my count, there were 31 questioners, many asking multiple and/or follow-up queries, and the session lasted right around 37 minutes.

Not much of interest was said in that time, however. There was too much talk for my liking about how much of a factor luck plays in the postseason, and about whether players are truly clutch or tighten up or whatever.

Yawn. The Yankees played five games against the Tigers, and they lost three of them. Stuff happens. Looking forward, as it is now time to do, the Yankees must simply try to build another strong team, cover as many bases as possible with their 25- and 40-man rosters and farm systems and...yeah, pretty much keep their fingers crossed that things conclude more positively.

In any case, here's stuff that I wrote down from the Girardi news conference at Yankee Stadium:

--He thinks that Alex Rodriguez can return to being a 145-game-a-year player, and he called A-Rod's right knee injury "a freak thing." Gosh, I don't know. Seems to me like the guy is breaking down.

--He professed confidence in A.J. Burnett and said he felt he could count on him for next year. I don't know how he could honestly feel that.

--Mark Teixeira got the "Some of it is luck" shout-out not only for his postseason, but for his regular season, as well. Girardi said he thought Teixeira hit more line drives this year than he did last year. 

Well, let's see how FanGraphs tallied it. According to this count, Teixeira's line-drive percentage dipped very slightly from 19 percent last year to 18.3 percent this season. However, his BABiP this season was a very low .239, which would indicate that no, the odds did not work in his favor. Just as Girardi said.

--Asked about Jesus Montero, Girardi said, "We've got to see what the makeup of the roster is." Given the strong likelihood that Russell Martin will return, Montero figures to be a hybrid backup catcher-starting DH against lefty pitchers.

--"We consider him a starter," Girardi said of Phil Hughes.

--Asked about making Brett Gardner the full-time leadoff hitter, Girardi said that everything would be discussed this winter.

--Ivan Nova, too, will be considered part of the starting rotation.

--He hopes CC Sabathia comes back. Glad he cleared that one up.

And that's about it. For my column for tomororw's Newsday, I'm writing my annual "How to fix the not-really-broken Yankees" column. Do me a solid and please don't tell the competition.

--Have a great afternoon.


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