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Johnny Damon, A.J. Burnett and Jorge Posada, Sandy Koufax and Carlos Beltran

This should be the last day of limited blogging. If all goes as planned, a new power cord will be waiting at my hotel tonight. And then we'll go at it LoHud-style.

(Well, maybe not that much. But at least a couple of times a day).

In the meantime, thanks to Erik Boland for supplying the juice.

--Here's my column on Johnny Damon, arriving at Tigers camp. His act and words were sort of ridiculous and yet not unsurprising. And I hope this is the last time we have to go over what went wrong so that the Yankees didn't retain the ultra-popular leftfielder -DH.

--At Yankees camp, A.J. Burnett spoke about how much he wanted his relationship with Jorge Posada to work. History shows us this could go either way. Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens are two guys who initially loathed working with Posada and eventually grew to accept it. David Cone and Randy Johnson are two guys who never got on board.

Posada is never going to be Hennry Blanco when it comes to being beloved by pitchers. But then again, 100 times more, Blanco is never going to be Posada when it comes to run production.

--Here's one good thing about the Wilpons: Their ownership of the Mets ensures that Sandy Koufax will stop by. Of course I don't know for certain that Koufax can actually help the Mets, but when you're in his presence, you do feel like the air is more regal, or something like that.

In any case, Koufax usually says hi to media and goes on his way, but he actually took the time yesterday to speak at length about...Oliver Perez! Interesting stuff.

--Meanwhile Carlos Beltran says he's not angry at the Mets anymore. Hmm. I'd still be angry, if I were him.

--I enjoyed this blog post by Joe Posnanski about Al Michaels, which I found on Twitter. I always enjoyed Michaels' baseball calls.

--And congratulations to former New York Times writer Jack Curry, who has joined YES in multiple capacities. Great hire by YES.


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