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Good Morning

Jon Daniels, Wally Backman and CC Sabathia

We're about 25 minutes from first pitch as I begin to type, so I'll make it quick:

--Rangers general manager Jon Daniels adamantly denied this Daily News report that he notified the Mets "through back channels" that he'd be interested in their opening for GM.

"That's b.s.," Daniels told me, without using the abbreviation.

My sense is that sure, Daniels would've liked the chance to interview with the Mets. Who wouldn't? But he has put together a heck of an organization with Texas, and I don't think he was ever going to leave.

And he certainly wouldn't have been dumb enough to try to reach out to the Mets while his team was still competing in the playoffs.

--From speaking to people in the industry, my sense is that the Wilpons are absolutely fine if Wally Backman doesn't get the Mets' managing job. Yes, Backman will probably get an interview, and yes, the Mets asked their GM candidates what they thought of Backman, among many other manager possibilities. But by no means did they state that Backman had to get the job.

Here's a great look at the winners and losers from the Alderson decision, by David Lennon.

--CC Sabathia will have right knee surgery Friday, and while the Yankees say that Sabathia will be fine - he certainly deserves the benefit of the doubt - you naturally wonder how much of a toll Sabathia's workload has taken on his imperfect body. And whether we'll start to see more tangible results of that effect.

--The Yankees not shockingly didn't exercise the options on Lance Berkman, Nick Johnson and Kerry Wood, and did on Andrew Brackman.

--If you're not able to watch the World Series games on TV because, um, well, you know, check out our World Series live blog. Have a great night.

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