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Jorge Posada, David Wright, Jorge De La Rosa and a Yankees wager

The Yankees came back in the ninth inning to beat Toronto, and it was a good night for Jorge Posada, Anthony Rieber writes.

It's clear, just from watching his left-handed at-bats, that Posada still can contribute as a lefty DH - which of course means he should get the bulk of the starts. Is that skill worth $13 million? Of course not. But given what Posada has given this organization, if he can be a steady bat (as well as a pinch hitter, like last night, when the opponent starts a righty), no one will mind overpaying him for that.

For Newsday's first edition, Rieber wrote that the Yankees can afford to make mistakes like the Rafael Soriano contract. Which is true, in the wake of the news that Soriano will see James Andrews

I do think, however, that Hal Steinbrenner should seriously reconsider making these sort of moves (overruling Brian Cashman), looking ahead. I'm quite confident in asseting that Steinbrenner didn't work the phones to find out anything about Soriano's reputation throughout the game, which is nothing short of horrible. None of the progression of events since Soriano's arrival has surprised people who have been on his team previously.

--David Wright's prognosis is unchanged, Sandy Alderson said, after Wright met with a back specialist in the Los Angeles area.

--Good story by the Associated Press about drinking and violence at MLB games. In a related story, the Giants fan beaten at Dodger Stadium (this past Opening Day) is now suing the Dodgers.

--Terrible news for the Rockies, who have lost lefty starter Jorge De La Rosa to Tommy John surgery. At this early juncture, at least, it's looking like the NL West should be smooth sailing for the Giants, despite certain people predicting the Rockies to win the NL West and the Dodgers (yeesh) to win the NL wild card.

--Finally, there are few things we love here more than a good wager, and we have one on our hands. 

Following last night's Yankees game, Islander505 put up an extremely innocuous comment, for him: "Nice win by the Yankees tonight.....really, really nice. The kind of win that begets extended winning streaks. "

Something in there caused NaOH to interrupt his search for the Ark of the Covenant and check in: If the Yankees indeed pull off an extended winning streak and win their next five games, then NaOH would buy $56 worth of books for 505's upcoming birthday. If the Yankees couldn't do that, then 505 would have to donate $56 to a charity of my choosing.

505 agreed, only to graciously amend the terms: No books for him if he won, just an NaOH donation to said charity.

OK, boys. May the best side win. But the real winner will be the Alzheimer's Association. We'll keep track of things here.


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