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Jorge Posada, Freddy Garcia, Jose Reyes, Daniel Murphy and Carlos Beltran

A very busy baseball Sunday in New York somehow leads to a Spadafore-style blog entry Monday morning in Boston (before I hop on my train back home). Go figure.

News: The Yankees lose a long, exciting game at Fenway, dropping a game behind the Red Sox in the AL East, yet equally significant news occurs before the game, as Joe Girardi tells Jorge Posada that he won't be the starting DH anymore.

Views: Here's my column on Posada. Yeah, it's hard to see him getting another significant chance to play. The Yankees' biggest challenge with Posada, from this point forward, might be getting go September 1 (when rosters expand to 40) without having to release Posada.

When Alex Rodriguez comes off the disabled list, the Yankees can drop, let's say, Hector Noesi to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. Or Ivan Nova. And if the Yankees decide to recall Jesus Montero from the same club? That would be a greater challenge. But you know, stuff happens. Maybe Eric Chavez winds up back on the disabled list. Or maybe Posada himself suddenly "comes up" with some condition, if you know what I'm saying.

But in all likelihood, Posada's time as a meaningful contributor is behind us now. He's the poster boy for the perils of committing too many years to an older player.

As for the game itself last night, I'd shrug if I were a Yankees fan. Mariano Rivera blows his share of saves, and at least one per season usually comes against the Red Sox, because he faces them so frequently and because they have a very good offense.

Phil Hughes looked bad, yes, but it's hard to get too worked up over one inning. Based on how well he pitched against the White Sox, he'll get another opportunity to start. He just might have to wait a whole turn through the rotation. Today's off day means that everyone will get an extra day as it is. It would make more sense to deploy a six-man rotation the next time through.

If there was a bright spot to be taken from last night's game for the Yankees, it was that Freddy Garcia at least managed to last a few rounds (five innings) and survive, allowing a run and stranding seven baserunners. That's the way it'll likely be for him if he makes a playoff start. It's hard to see him dominating a club like Boston, Detroit or Texas in October, so he'll have to live on the edge.

News: At a terrible day for the Mets at Citi Field, both Jose Reyes and Daniel Murphy leave the game with injuries, causing Terry Collins to ultimately use David Wright at shortstop.

Views: Well, first of all, obviously the Mets' playoff hopes are gone now. That ship has sailed. That it occurred in such spectacularly horrible fashion? Well, that's why Mets fans are so hearty. You have to be.

Reyes seems likely to go back on the disabled list, and what sort of message does that send to his prospective free-agent suitors? What sort of message does that send to the Mets? In his walk year, at age 28, he needed to take two breathers.

My initial take when Sandy Alderson took over the Mets was: "Regardless of the Mets' finances, why would Alderson - such a pragmatic type - even want to commit long-term to a guy with injury concerns who relies so significantly on his speed?"

That turned out to be an oversimplified characterization of Alderson, who's more open-minded than that, and who clearly was tantalized by what he has seen from Reyes this season. 

But how does Alderson react now? Just as important, how do other teams react? Does the much-discussed "Carl Crawford contract" (seven years, $142 million) become out of reach? Or, come winter time, is there a desperate enough team that chooses to overlook the injury issues and figures, "Even missing time, he's one of the best shortstops in the game"?

We don't know yet. And there's still more data to gather in these next six and a half weeks, and if we've learned anything from this particular saga, it's that there isn't great value in trying to anticipate what will happen before Reyes has completed his season.

As for Murphy, who's probably done for the season, what a shame for him that he doesn't get to finish out this breakthrough, rebound campaign. The discussion of his defensive future will surely resume in spring training next year. 

--Dillon Gee pitched poorly.

News: Carlos Beltran left Sunday's Phillies-Giants game early with an injured right hand.

Views: Beltran has been pretty dreadful since joining the Giants, who are 3-8 since adding Beltran to the roster. How long before Giants fans start to #BlameBeltran, as Twitter folk say?

--Have a great day.



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