Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Jorge Posada, the 2013 All-Star Game, Yankees pitching, Joe Torre and the Hall of Fame

Not a shocker, but now we know for sure: Jorge Posada will announce his retirement shortly.

Posada left our radar screen somewhat because we knew that he wasn't returning to the Yankees in 2012. This wasn't like, say, Andy Pettitte's case last year, when the Yankees and their fans were desperately hoping that the lefty decided to keep pitching.

In any case, good for Posada that he has made peace with his shaky Yankees ending to retire as a one-team guy, and also to let the Yankees take part in his retirement announcement.

Hall of Fame? At this point, I'd say he isn't quite there. Just not enough elite seasons.

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--And with that, I'm outta here. See you...not this week. Be good.

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