Why not have a little late-night blogging? The news of the day merits it.

First, Jose Reyes. We'll find out more on Thursday, apparently, but caution got the Mets and Reyes to this point, and caution should continue to guide them. If Reyes isn't ready by Opening Day? So be it. That's why they paid the big bucks to Alex Cora.

The Mets, admittedly feeling pressure for a good start, are going to want Reyes in their Opening Day lineup. Reyes, admittedly wanting to make up for last year, will want to be in the Opening Day lineup. Someone, then, is going to have to be the adult in the relationship and exercise common sense.

Second, Mark Newman. Terrible. The question now is, what do the Yankees do with Newman?

This would've been a tougher question for the Yankees to answer had this been 10 years ago, when Newman was essentially co-general manager with Brian Cashman. In recent years, however, Cashman has established control over Newman, and Newman's areas of focus have been international prospects and a hand, if not necessarily much juice, in player development.

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Part of Newman's gig has been to speak to minor-league players - working out at the team's complex in Tampa - on how to conduct themselves. I'd say Newman's ability to do that, now, has been significantly compromised.

--Stephen Strasburg impressed in his Grapefruit League debut. I assume that die-hard Nationals fans have started a pool over when Strasburg will make his major-league debut.

See you in the morning.