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Jose Reyes, the Mets and the next step in their dance with danger

Sandy Alderson announced today that the Mets reached out to Jose Reyes' representatives last week concerning a long-term contract, only to be told by the agents, "No, thanks, let's wait until the season is over."

It's not a shocker. Reyes, this close to free agency, wasn't going to pass this up. Although remember, if the Mets are really determined to keep Reyes, they'll have a window after the season. Assuming the Mets miss the playoffs, they'll have the entire month of October plus the five days following the last game of the World Series.

This was more of a public-relations ploy than anything else, and I can't see it being a very impactful one. Are Mets fans going to say, "So you don't want to negotiate now, Jose? Then get lost!"?

Interestingly, Alderson also said that the Mets' playoff status come July would not be a significant factor in whether the team would trade Reyes. The GM called Reyes a "one-off," as opposed to the other players he wouldn't name but who are obviously folks like Carlos Beltran, Francisco Rodriguez and Jason Isringhausen.

Reyes is unique because his age makes him someone that a team would want to conceivably keep beyond this season, assuming they have the money to pull that off. They probably don't. He's also unique because his Type A free-agent status means that the Mets can hold onto him through the season, lose him to another team and still get two draft picks in return.

I'll be writing about this for my column tonight, obviously. You can go ahead and tell the competition. Everyone else will be writing the same thing.

--The Yankees have been rained out. Doubleheader tomorrow.


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