Good Morning
Good Morning

Jose Reyes, Yu Darvish, Jon Niese, Hiroyuki Nakajima, Jeff Luhnow and Bobby Valentine

Just some quick hits this morning, as we have the Rule 5 draft. When that's done, all of the team officials sprint out of the hotel to make their flights.

I'm scheduled to fly out later tonight, so I should have time to post a wrap-up in the afternoon.

--Here's my column on Jose Reyes, who clearly and understandably was hurt by the way the Mets conducted themselves over the last couple of months and change.

--Here's an updated explanation of the Mets' compensation (not fully determined yet) for losing Jose Reyes.

--Yu Darvish will be posted today, finally. I'd expect the Yankees to bid, but like many folks in my line of work, I think Texas will prevail. We'll find out early next week.

--The Mets shopped Jon Niese, and Boston is one team that's interested. You'd think that, unless the Mets don't like Niese (and I certainly don't know that to be true), they'd have to get a pretty fair return on him to deal him. He's 25, and lefties can take a little more time to fully blossom.

--The Yankees won the bidding for Japanese infielder Hiroyuki Nakajima, a surprise to many _ including, possibly, the Yankees themselves. I can't see this making a trade of Eduardo Nunez considerably more likely. The Yankees like Nunez too much and see him as quite valuable, given the age and fragility of Derek Jeter and (especially) Alex Rodriguez.

--Bobby Valentine had some fun during his media session, telling reporters (extremely jokingly) that he now hated the Yankees and Joe Girardi.'

--Kelly Johnson, David Ortiz and Francisco Rodriguez accepted arbitration from the Blue Jays, Red Sox and Brewers, respectively. The K-Rod decision is the most interesting, as it would seem to lock him into setitng up for Milwaukee's closer John Axford.

The Brewers could trade Rodriguez, obviously, and K-Rod would get to control his destination. That's what happened two years ago when Rafael Soriano accepted arbitration from Atlanta and then quickly approved a deal to Tampa Bay. In any case, K-Rod's acceptance shows that the closers' market is drying up, and that Boston - the one big-market team still looking for a closer - wasn't interested in the former Met.

--Jeff Luhnow is the Astros' new general manager. Good hire, as it strengthens Houston and weakens NL Central rival (for one more year, anyway) St. Louis. Luhnow deserves a great deal of credit for the Cardinals' 2011 World Series title, as he helped bring along youngsters like World Series MVP David Freese, Allen Craig and Jaime Garcia, among many others.

--OK, so I'll check in later, I hope.

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