A slow day here at Citi Field. The Mets put Henry Blanco on the bereavement list, as Blanco returned to Venezuela to be with his very ill mother. The bereavement list allows a player to be deactivated for a minimum of three days an a maximum of seven.

To replace Blanco, the Mets recalled Josh Thole, who had put up poor numbers at Triple-A Buffalo. If you scroll down and look at his last 10 games, however, you can see that he was starting to pick it up considerably.

Jerry Manuel said he wasn't sure that he would even get Thole a start while he was with the big-league club. To which I say, why not start him for Wednesday's day game? Wednesday's starter Mike Pelfrey is accustomed to working with Blanco, anyway, so he'd be adjusting whether it's Barajas or Thole back there. Let Thole get a start.

For all of their problems at the macro level, the Mets' catching depth looks pretty good, compared to most other teams around baseball.

--Dallas Braden's grandmother, Peggy Lindsey, backtracked today on her "Stick it, A-Rod" comment. And perhaps we can now table this issue, at least until the Yankees return to Oakland in July.

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--Good column by Joe Posnanski on Royals manager Trey Hillman, and evaluating managers in general. It's just so hard to quantify exactly how much managers help, a notion I contemplated once more when I read the added chapter in Joe Torre's book (see previous item).

 --A New Jersey senator has now joined the call for a boycott of next year's All-Star game, in Arizona. Ultimately, this will be in the players' hands. Bud Selig and the owners are going to utilize the four-corners' offense for as long as they can. If the players decide next year that they'll go ahead and play in the game, then Selig can sigh in relief. But if the players push it, and say they won't take part, then we'll have a huge story on our hands.

Thanks to Twitter for the link. Thanks, really, to Twitter just for being what it is.