Good Evening
Good Evening

Justin Verlander is your AL MVP

Yes, Verlander prevailed in a close race, although not that close. 

I didn't have a vote in this one, but if I did, I would've selected Toronto's Jose Bautista first. I probably would've put Verlander second, though, and I would've fully understood as well if Jacoby Ellsbury placed first.

It was a close race. Difference of opinion is fun. 

On the BBWAA conference call, Verlander said, "This may set a precedent" regarding starting pitchers and the MVP, and I'm gonna disagree with that call. Verlander's season was terrific, but not considerably more terrific than, say, Felix Hernandez last year. 

No, I think Verlander benefited from a perfect storm: 1) He picked up a lot of wins, which are still meaningful to some in the voting body; 2) He pitched for a team for which he was far and away the best starting pitcher; and 3) His team made the playoffs.

Have a great night.

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