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Kentucky Wildcats' connection to the Yankees

The Yankees took home their 27th World Championship

The Yankees took home their 27th World Championship on Nov. 4. Leading the way for the Yankees were Hideki Matsui and C.C. Sabathia, as the Bronx Bombers christened their new stadium with a World Series victory over Philadelphia. Credit: David Pokress

The Yankees might have just clinched their 28th world title last night when Kentucky defeated Kansas for the NCAA championship. When you open your Newsday this morning, you will see this nifty graphic that we have placed in OBP for your enjoyment.

The last six times the Kentucky Wildcats won the national championship, the Yankees have gone on to capture the World Series. Purely coincidence? We'll just have to wait till October rolls around.

Kentucky 46, Oklahoma State 36
Yankees defeat the Dodgers in five

Kentucky 68, Kansas State 58
Yankees defeat the Giants in six

Kentucky 84, Seattle 72
Yankees defeat Milwaukee in seven

Kentucky 94, Duke 88
Yankees defeat Dodgers in six

Kentucky 76, Syracuse 67
Yankees defeat the Braves in six

Kentucky 78, Utah 69
Yankees defeat the Padres in four

Kentucky 67, Kansas 59

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