It has been a month full of Sundays since we kicked it Spadafore-style. Let's do it now:

News: The Mets sign Kiko Calero to a minor-league contract.

Views: Can't rip it, right? It's a non-guaranteed contract. The Mets' bullpen looking unimposing and uninspiring, so Calero could turn out to be a significant addition. I'd have to think that the clear opportunity made the Mets more appealing to Calero.

The reason the Mets and no other teams committed a major-league contract to Calero is because of concerns about his health. The Mets pointed to the Marlins' lack of interest as a sign of these concerns, given how well Calero pitched for Florida last year.

News: The Yankees scratched Nick Johnson from today's game with a stiff lower back.

Views: Read Erik Boland's blog entry. It's classic Johnson. He wore the wrong shoes! Ay yi yi.

To reiterate what we've already said, and what we'll probably say again, the biggest sign of encouragement for Yankees fans is that Johnson managed to play in 133 games last year, when he played for a contract. He is once again playing for a contract.

News: Ike Davis hit a monster grand slam and drew two walks today, in the Mets' 17-11 victory over the Cardinals.

Views: With a TV audience watching here in New York, will the drumbeat start for Davis to supplant Daniel Murphy as the Mets' starting first baseman? Probably. I say, give it another couple of weeks before starting the frenzy.

News: Tim Marchman of ranks all 30 general managers.

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Views: Thanks to Bob Tufts for the heads-up. I don't disagree dramatically with Marchman's rankings, as you can see from my Top 10 last November. I think higher of Billy Beane and Mark Shapiro than Marchman does, and he thinks higher of Jack Zduriencik and Jon Daniels than I do, although I like the latter two guys. I just put a little more weight on service time than Marchman did, I think.