Good Morning
Good Morning

Lance Berkman, Edwin Jackson and Cristian Guzman

Greetings from Tropicana Field. Last time I was here was Game 2 of the 2008 World Series. Since then, you'll be pleased to know, they installed new carpet in the press box. 

The latest and greatest. Or, at least, the latest:

--The Yankees seem quite likely to make some sort of trade, or even two, by tomorrow's deadline. They have money to spend, and with less than 24 hours to go now, teams are starting to show their hands. And many teams are looking to get out of financial commitments.

My hunch all along has been that the Yankees will get bench player, and I'm still going with that, although the addition of Lance Berkman to their consideration list makes things a little more interesting. Berkman has a $15-million club option (with a $2-million buyout) that I can't imagine the Yankees want any part of, so Berkman would have to waive his no-trade clause without getting that option guaranteed to make this happen.

Joel Sherman further delves into the Yankees' interest in Berkman.

Otherwise? You name the player, and you can safely anticipate the Yankees have held conversations about him. I still say that starting pitching is the least likely area that they'll touch, but in the case of Ted Lilly, there doesn't appear to be much of a market for him, and the one clearly interested team - the Dodgers - don't have much money at all to offer. So, we could see some repeats here of the Yankees' 2006 acquisition of Bobby Abreu, when they showed off their financial might and protected top prospects.

 --The White Sox acquired Edwin Jackson from Arizona for Daniel Hudson and David Holmberg. The White Sox obviously wanted to go with a veteran, as they duke it out with the Twins for the AL Central title, but gosh, they sure seemed to give up quickly on Hudson, didn't they? Look at Hudson's minor-league numbers. The guy missed bats. 

At the least, it seems that Arizona did better in this deal than in giving away Dan Haren. When you factor in the Roy Oswalt trade, as well, the chain of events reflects just how unenthusiastic teams are about taking on money. Jackson is undoubtedly inferior to Haren, yet he has far less money coming to him.

--The Rangers acquired Cristian Guzman in return for two prospects who haven't been identified yet. We can't fully evaluate the deal until we find out whom the prospects are, but you've got to tip your hat for Texas, which has accomplished a great amount of work this month despite its bankruptcy situation.

More as it comes...But before I forget, in an expected move, the Mets placed Jason Bay on the disabled list because of his mild concussion. No surprise.

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