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63° Good Morning

Lance Berkman, Mike Cameron and Buck Showalter

 Short and sweet, here from the Stadium:

--Lance Berkman is hitting seventh tonight, after hitting second in his first two games.

"We're going to get him comfortable," Joe Girardi said. "When he's better, we'll put him back there."

Nick Swisher is hitting second again, and I don't see why you'd want to mess with that again anytime soon.

--The Red Sox placed Mike Cameron on the disabled list, and it sounds like Cameron could very well be done for the season. In year one of a two-year agreement, Cameron has pretty much been a disastrous acquisition by Boston, because of his health issues.

--Great story here about why Buck Showalter will wear number 26 as he takes over as the Orioles' manager. It's to salute the late Johnny Oates, whom I got to know only a little bit when he was managing the Rangers, but whose good nature blew you away.

How did I find these last two stories. I'll give you two clues: It starts with "Tw," and it rhymes with "splitter." Think about it.

--Have a great night.

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