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Many fans unhappy with bad views at Citi Field

When Ellen Zumbach and her husband, Douglas, first sat in their seats in the first row of section 426 at Citi Field Monday, they knew they did not want to remain there the rest of the season.

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To avoid the panel of glass partially obstructing their view of the field, Zumbach called the Mets on Friday and requested an upgrade to a pair of seats a tier below.

"It distorts [the view]," said Zumbach, 53, of New Canaan, Conn. "It's not horrible, but you have a line going through there and it's not like you have railings to peek down or go around it. I just think that it's a problem."

Zumbach wasn't the only fan upset about obstructed views or sight-line problems. Many fans, particularly those in the promenade level and above in leftfield, complained about the glass panels, staircases and positioning of their seats. Several of those unhappy fans also said they plan to let the Mets know about their dissatisfaction.

"I'm calling them tomorrow and I'm going to [complain]. A lot," said Port Washington native Scott Lipton, 34, who now lives in Manhattan. "I'm 99 percent sure they will do nothing and say deal with it and like it and that's it."

Lipton, who bought season tickets four rows behind the Zumbachs, was livid when he sat down.

"I was told there were no line-of-sight issues when I bought the tickets. You can't see anything," Lipton said, gesturing to areas in left and centerfield that had obstructed views.

Dave Howard, executive vice president of business operations for the Mets, said this is nothing out of the ordinary when opening a new building and that the organization is dealing with customers and their concerns on an individual basis.

"We're addressing it the best we can," Howard said.

Danny Banes and his wife, Margie, both of Bethpage, also were disappointed with the quality of view from their seats and hope the Mets can accommodate a change.

Banes and his wife used to have season tickets near third base on the mezzanine level at Shea Stadium. They yearn to return to something comparable.

"I don't like not being able to see the game. If it gets hit to left, I can't see it," said Banes, 51. "Basically, when I bought the tickets, there was nothing about partial views. That's not right."

Mark Butensky, 45, of Plainview, brought his wife and two kids to the game and was surprised that a new ballpark of this caliber would overlook such details.

"It's a little frustrating, to be honest with you," Butensky said.

Butensky said he was warned about the LED ribbon below their seats that many have complained about, but not the glass panel to the right of their seats.

"I'm going to call tomorrow and say I wish you would've told me it was here," Butensky said. "It's just not as good as it could be. I'd expect to be able to watch the game and not look through glass."

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