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Good Morning

Mariano Rivera, Roger Clemens, Eric Chavez and Frank McCourt and the Mets

Yankees' Mariano Rivera warms up before a game

Yankees' Mariano Rivera warms up before a game against the Cleveland Indians. Rivera was unavailable for the game because of a sore triceps muscle in his throwing arm. (July 5, 2011) Credit: AP

Mariano Rivera played catch with Boone Logan for about 10 minutes today, going from short toss to long toss, and he looked all right doing so. Rivera told us afterwards that his elbow felt better, but that he still felt a little soreness in the triceps area. The plan for him, he said, is to miss tonight's game and reassess the situation tomorrow.

In any case, if you're flying to Phoenix next week because you want to see Rivera pitch in an All-Star game, you can forget about it. There's a better chance that Richie G., Dennis and JE will be the American League's starting outfield in next week's Midsummer Classic than there is of Rivera pitching there.

--It was a good day for Roger Clemens, as the judge presiding over the Clemens case said that he was leaning against allowing Chuck Knoblauch, Andy Pettitte and Mike Stanton to testify on behalf of the prosecution. This gives the prosecution less ammunition to make Brian McNamee look good. Furthermore, Andy Pettitte's wife Laura probably won't be allowed to testify to support her husband's recollection of his infamous, alleged conversation with Clemens about HGH usage.

Understandably, the judge said that he was unlikely to allow the defense to discuss in great length McNamee's role in a sexual assault investigation. 

Great stuff. To me, at least.

--Eric Chavez had been close to getting off the disabled list, but he suffered an abdominal injury, Joe Girardi said, and flew from Tampa to New York for tests. This is who Chavez is. It's why the Yankees were able to sign him to a minor-league contract. They might just have to be satisfied with what Chavez gave them in April.

--Thanks to MLB Trade Rumors, I found this story by Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times, who reports that disgraced Dodgers owner Frank McCourt wants documents from the Mets, in an effort to show that Bud Selig treated the Mets and Dodgers differently.

I have to assume that McCourt is in the wrong here legally. But how great would it be for us to get a look at some of that Mets documentation? We can only hope.

--Have a great night.


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