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Mark McGwire's troubles, a possible award for closers and those tiny font sizes on the comments

When Mark McGwire confessed on January 11th, I expressed doubts over whether he had done enough to achieve his primary, current goal: No, not make the Hall of Fame, but transition back into baseball smoothly as a hitting coach.

Those doubts persist, after the man who alleges to be McGwire's steroids dealer spoke to ESPN.

Bernie Miklasz, the respected St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist, wonders the same thing. As Miklasz writes, this isn't a moralism thing. It's a pragmatism thing. Thanks to Buster Olney's blog for the Miklasz link.

I can't envision hordes of media following McGwire and the Cardinals around the country. It's not feasible in this economic climate. But I can envision the regular St. Louis media having to constantly check in with McGwire concerning the latest story to break.

And again: McGwire can provide only so much positive value, as the team's hitting coach. This is a new test case. It's not Barry Bonds or Alex Rodriguez silencing their critics with on-field greatness.

--Jayson Stark of ESPN wants the BBWAA to add a fifth major award (in addition to MVP, Cy Young, Rookie of the Year and Manager of the Year): The Jerome Holtzman Award, for the best reliever. Holtzman, a longtime Chicago writer, invented the "save" statistic.

What do you think? I think it's unnecessary. Closers, and relievers in general, are just not as important as we perceive them to be. They're eligible for the MVP and Cy Young. The reason they've won those awards less frequently in recent years, I'd like to believe, is that the voting body has grown smarter.

--But really, these first two items are just to provide cover for this: The tiny font sizes that have surfaced, primarily in the comments.

Our little community has overcome everything thrown in our path, and we're going to overcome this, too, thanks to NaOH, who has provided this primer of how to make the blog more readable.

You da man, NaOH. If this doesn't work for anyone, just let us know.

Have a great day.



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