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Good Evening

Mets disenchantment and Bartolo Colon

Sorry (or perhaps you're welcome), quick entry this morning. Busy travel day:

--Here's my column about the Mets' bleak spring training, and their poor outlook for 2010. Gosh, I just don't see them being very good. As I wrote in the column, it's not the fault of Sandy Alderson or Terry Collins. Blame it on Omar Minaya's past decision-making and the Wilpons' current refusal to increase the team's payroll.

--Very few people showed up to purchase tickets as the Mets opened single-game sales. As Cody DeRespina pointed out, there were other avenues for fans to buy tickets - most notably this Internet thing that doesn't seem to be going away - so it isn't fair to draw any grand conclusions from this event.

But this is more of a common sense thing, regardless of yesterday. Obviously, the Mets aren't going to draw well out of the gate this year.

Having written that, they did have a nice crowd here in Florida (where the weather is beautiful) last night. 

--In this story leading with Joba Chamberlain's injury news, Anthony Rieber also reports that Bartolo Colon pitched well for the Yankees in a simulated game. The beefy right-hander has pitched himself into the starting rotation conversation.

Because they're the Yankees, they wouldn't have to think twice about adding Colon to their roster and, if he peters out after a month or whenever, eating whatever is left of his $900,000 salary.

--I'll check in later from the Mets-Twins game in Fort Myers.

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