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Mets mini-camp: Omar Minaya

As he did the other day, when he announced the acquisition of Gary Matthews, Jr., the Mets' GM said that he could stand pat at both catcher and starting pitcher.

I think there's a real possibility the Mets do indeed stick with what they have at catcher. But starting pitcher? Can't see it. They'll get someone.

At least, I think they will.

Minaya, his job not quite in the same amount of jeopardy as his manager Jerry Manuel _ Minaya has much more money coming to him _ not surprisingly expressed optimism about his 2010 team.

"I do believe we’re going to have a good team," he said. "…I think that a healthy New York Met team is going to contrend for a playoff spot. I think it’s fair to say that the Phillies have improved themselves. We have a lot of work to do, but I think these guys have committed, and Jerry’s going to be committed, to getting back on track to what we did in ’06, ’07 and ’08."

Of course, many Mets fans consider 2006 through 2008 to be three straight failures. Which helps explain the tension between the team and its fans.

--What else? Minaya said, "We’re still considering (Carlos) Delgado" for the 2010 Mets, and from his personal conversations with Delgado, Minaya said the slugger still wants to be a first baseman.

Reports, however, indicate that Delgado's movement is limited, and that he might therefore be better off as a designated hitter. But I'll believe that Delgado is off the Mets' radar only when he signs elsewhere.

--Kevin Kernan of the New York Post asked Minaya about the team being "a joke." Minaya, taken aback by the question, smiled and said, "I don’t think we’re a joke, but I do think that when you lose, let’s be honest. We didn’t have a good year last year. In New York, for people to pay more attention, you’ve got to win.

"...Our fan base is supportive of us. But we have to go out there and win. We have to play the game right, and we have to win ballgames. If you play the game right and win ballgames, people definitely will pay more attention."

--And finally: "A year like last year, we all feel somewhat disappointed at how the year turned out last year. But the good thing about it is, we all move on. 2009 is in the past. It’s about 2010.

"I’ve always said, the good thing about spring training is, at the end of the day, you’re still in first place. We’re hopeful. The feeling is a hopeful feeling, that we have a fresh, new start. That we can go out there and play the game.

"Look, we’re going to need breaks, as every team needs breaks. The feeling is that we went out this winter, we addressed concerns in certain areas. But until you get out there and play the game and win games, all that stuff, we have to prepare ourselves."



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