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3 Mets fans from Long Island find friendly confines amid Cubs fans in Wrigleyville

Raymond Smyth, Ed Reilly and Conor Reilly, Mets

Raymond Smyth, Ed Reilly and Conor Reilly, Mets fans from LI, head to Wrigley Field for Game 3 of NLCS on Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015. Credit: Newsday / Neil Best

CHICAGO -- Give credit to Raymond Smyth, Ed Reilly and Conor Reilly for their bravery.

They took the train out to Wrigleyville on Tuesday for Game 3 of the NLCS decked out in Mets shirts. Then, upon arriving, they walked directly into Murphy's Bleachers, an iconic sports bar directly across the street from Wrigley Field.

Any trouble? As of four hours before first pitch, not much.

"It's been really encouraging since we got here," said Conor Reilly, 28, of Bethpage. "A lot of 'Let's Go Mets' chants."

Might the non-confrontational mood have had something to do with the Mets' 2-0 series lead?

"Oh, I think they're terrified, yeah," Conor said. "If it was 2-0 Cubs it would be a lot different, but there's not much they can say right now to us."

Conor's brother Ed Reilly, 32, of Long Beach, said the trio was a bit nervous when going out for a deep dish pizza lunch, but other than a couple of "dirty looks" all went well.

"We had three people come up to us while we were waiting out front, saying, 'Let's Go Mets!'" he said.

Smyth, 33, of Massapequa and his friends the Reillys attended a game at Wrigley this summer, never expecting a return trip with the stakes this high.

"To come back here now, this is unfathomable," Smyth said. "To actually see the Mets in the postseason at Wrigley? It's kind of wild."

The plan came together literally on the fly. They did not have game tickets when they flew into town early Tuesday. They found three on for the relatively reasonable - by postseason Wrigley standards - price of $180 apiece.

"Everybody on the plane was Mets fans," Ed Reilly said. "We were all refreshing, seeing the StubHub prices, seeing if it would come down. We purchased them right before we landed using the WiFi on the plane."

It all was worth it for fans too young to remember the 1986 championship.

"To actually enjoy some Mets baseball this deep into October is pretty fun," Smyth said.

The trio planned to head home Wednesday morning but hoped for another road trip in the near future. "We're all-in now," Ed Reilly said. "Hopefully we'll be booking a flight to Kansas City or Toronto soon."

One more thing: About that famous bar, whose roots date back around 80 years . . . Murphy's? Really?

Turns out it is named after the owner, Jim Murphy, not the Mets' hottest hitter, Daniel Murphy.

"We don't care about that," Murphy's general manager Freddy Fagenholz said about the awkwardness of the name this week. "We have a great bar and Game 3 tonight. We hope we win it and win tomorrow and win Thursday and go back to New York Friday."

How has the Cubs' big season been for business?

"It's been very good, good atmosphere, good electricity," Fagenholz said. "Fans have been great, no trouble. Everybody's been having a good time."


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