San Francisco comes to Citi Field with a 17-10 record and the Giants are doing a lot of things well. Their ace, Tim Lincecum, starts on Sunday; tonight it's lefthander Jonathan Sanchez, who tossed a no-hitter last July 10 and trails only Lincecum in strikeouts per nine innings. Sanchez is at 11.48 to Lincecum's 11.91.

The Mets' secret weapon tonight? Henry Blanco. He'd be in the lineup anyway, since he's pretty much Mike Pelfrey's personal catcher. But Blanco is 2-for-2 with two home runs off Sanchez in his career. Pretty wild for a career .228 hitter.

The Giants are hitting .276 as a team, led by a familiar name to Mets fans: Bengie Molina, whose free-agency courtship was an awfully strange one.

Molina turned down a two-year offer from the Mets to sign for one year with the Giants. Molina is hitting .329 and entrenched as the Giants' cleanup hitter, though he recently lamented to reporters that he was disillusioned by his free-agency experience.

"I had five straight good years and I thought I was going to be wanted, but obviously that didn't happen," Molina said. "I'm 35 and I'm a catcher and I'm getting to that point late in my career. Depending on how this season goes, I'll make my decision at the end. I never said I would retire. I actually think I have some good years left."

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It's doubtful that the Mets wish Molina had viewed them as a viable option, considering the solid influence and offensive pop from Rod Barajas and Blanco's capable handling of young pitchers like Pelfrey.

So Molina can expect some loud boos from the Citi Field faithful tonight, not just because he's hitting well.