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A week of answers

Don’t you wish opening day (and the off-day following it) could just last forever?

Johan gets the win, Wright hits a homer in his first at-bat, Josh Johnson gets beat, the bullpen looks okay, Alex Cora makes some nice plays…

Oh what optimism should there be among Mets fans right now.

But the truth is, as good as opening day was, it didn’t go much differently than anyone expected. Johan got the win, but nobody was really doubting him. Wright hit a homer, but most predicted his power would come back in 2010. Josh Johnson was bound to eventually get beat. It’s easy for a bullpen to look okay with a big enough lead. Alex Cora…well Alex Cora actually is a pretty good ballplayer, as David Lennon mentioned earlier.

But the real test for this team and its fans is the rest of this week. Can Maine, Neise, Pelfrey and Perez show anything to keep you optimistic? Can Neive be more than just a long reliever?

You know all the questions. This week, you’ll get some of the answers.

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