Just a theory, but maybe the Mets haven't made any personnel moves or deals during their skid because they can’t afford to do so.

Last week, Fred Wilpon was sued by the widow of a former employee who claimed that Sterling Equities ``breached their fiduciary duties’’ by mishandling investments with Bernard Madoff. Sterling employees lost money from their retirement plans that had been invested with Madoff. Lawyers are hoping for a class action suit that could result in millions in claims.

Past reports indicated that the Mets had a $523 million investment with Madoff, the convicted Ponzi schemer. Yet another report said a court appointed trustee found that the Mets profited by nearly $48 million from their investment with Madoff.

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Yet, the notion persists that the Mets are in a monetary squeeze. Not removing a single coach during the decline saves a few bucks. So does keeping Jerry Manuel to the end of his contract.