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Barajas expected today, more Bay and gotta be the shoes

Finally, Rod Barajas is expected at Tradition Field today after agreeing to a one-year, $1-million contract with the Mets over the weekend. With the Mets' position players scheduled for their early morning physicals, I doubt Barajas has to take another one. But with this team, I guess it couldn't hurt.

Along with his middle-of-the-order punch, Bay made an immediate impact with reporters yesterday during his dugout news conference, and should be a welcome addition to the clubhouse for media purposes as well. The Mets traditionally have been a good group to deal with from a media perspective - the Saberhagen-bleach incident aside. But with the extroverted Jeff Francoeur now here for a full year and Bay in the fold, David Wright should get more help in shouldering the brunt of interview duties.

When Francoeur warned him about the media barrage awaiting him yesterday morning, Bay - the man who replaced Manny Ramirez in Boston - flashed him a "been there, done that" look. If there's one thing Bay can handle about New York, it's probably going to be the media.

And lastly, I talked with Jose Reyes about the custom-made shoes Under Armour outfitted him with for spring training, and how that should give him a leg up on the start of the season this year. Reyes essentially wore off-the-rack models last year at this time, and while there's no way of knowing if they led to his hamstring issues, it probably didn't help. Reyes had never played less than 153 games the prevous four years with Nike - and skipped only 14 overall during that stretch - so it seems like more than coincidence. Even Reyes said his shoes this year make a "big difference."

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