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Bay Watch

With Jason Bay scheduled to show up today, here's hoping that he takes batting practice on Field 7, known here as the replica of Citi Field. After scanning all of the hit tracker charts, and hearing from the Mets how his swing is well suited to their Flushing home, it will be interesting to see how it does translate. Supposedly, his pull style will help him with home runs down the leftfield line, and the loft he gets on his long fly balls will make it possible for him to reach the deeper parts of the ballpark.

As for today's coverage, Carlos Beltran appears willing to move on after his brief spat with the Mets over last months' knee surgery. The Mets have to be fortunate for that. Even if team officials were upet with him for deciding to have the operation - with or without their initial consent - it was not smart to attack him in the press like that.

Beltran didn't make a big deal about it yesterday, but at the time, friends of the centerfielder said he was furious with the Mets. Still, the team may get frustrated with Beltran if he takes longer than expected to return, and we could hear rumblings of that if this rehab drags on.

I knew it was a big deal when Sandy Koufax showed up yesterday to watch the bullpen sessions - aways is. But based on the reaction from e-mails and twitter buzz, maybe I underestimated it. For those lucky enough to get an autograph, there is no bigger trophy these days. The reclusive Koufax rarely ever signs, and given his legacy, that has got to be the most valuable piece of memorabilia on the market these days.

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