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Beltran in center could be risky

Frank Cashen never much liked the Mookie Wilson-Lenny Dykstra centerfield debate. The Mets’ general manager just wasn’t sure what to do about it.

Dykstra had a big upside, but Cashen always feared Dykstra would eventually hit a wall--literally.

Irony interceded when Dykstra was traded to Philadelphia and slammed his car into a tree coming home from a party. He sustained a broken collarbone. Then he did it again when he ran into the wall during a game. 

Today’s Mets have a centerfield situation that has the potential of flux. That Carlos Beltran is starting spring training exhibition games as a DH (in the NL, no less) has to be troubling. This is taking baby steps again, this time with the regular just about a month away.

When the team comes north, the weather could be cold and the field probably wet at times. Will a further accommodation be needed for Beltran’s knee?

Is there is concern about Beltran, why is he being ticketed for centerfield at all? RF Angel Pagan is more than capable and it is Beltran’s bat, not so much his position in the outfield, which makes his presence in the lineup mandatory.

If his knee aches after a long day in center, his availability for the next day’s game immediately become questionable.

It is nice that Pagan and the Mets think Beltran is due the position in center.

But is it in the best interests of the team?

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