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Beltran presser: Manuel Quotes

On Beltran playing in the corner outfield spots:

"Don’t see that as clearly as everyone else does right now, I see him as more comfortable as a center fielder."

On keeping the chemistry between the outfielders:

"I will try to map out (what each outfielder will be doing) a week in advance. (I don’t want for them) to come in with the mentality of ‘Am I, or am I not playing?’"

Question on "Hasn’t Pagan earned a first string role in the Major League’s":

Manuel: "Yeah, they all have. Again, it would just be a manner of handling it, rest. Keeping them fresh. Keeping them somewhat happy as to what is going on. Really the key will be, is the team having success… are we winning games.

On how he will judge the health of Beltran:

"Communicating directly and through reports, then put together some type of plan as to how he will be used here.

On when each of the four outfielders will play. Is it situational:

"That would be situational, matchup those types of things. Most of the times those things work themselves out. We feel like we have three guys who are good everyday players.

Manuel said he will use Parnell in one inning situations. With a lead in the seventh inning, and he will enter the eighth in the situation of a tie:

"I plan on using him late, not early, I’m more likely to use him just one inning. From the information I have got, the trouble he has had is when used in a second inning."

On coaching for the first time against Detroit manager Jim Leyland:

"As a player I used to ride with him to the park as a manager, and I used to ask him different things. Had an opportunity to be his bench coach in Florida with a World Championship. Never once when asked him a question fell like he was second guessing you, never treated it that way. Took the time to explain why he did certain things. Just a tremendous baseball man.

On comparing last years situation with lack of personnel, to tackling having four outfielders:

"It’s easier."

On Pagan playing in the outfield:

"Yeah, he can swing any three of those spots," Manuel said. Move as far as different positions. No. They won’t move as far as different positions. Pagan is the guy as far as mobility out of all three of them to play the three different spots."

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