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Bob Costas apologizes for mocking Mets

Sportscaster Bob Costas attends the Joe Torre Safe

Sportscaster Bob Costas attends the Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation's 10th Anniversary Gala at Pier 60. (Jan. 24, 2013) Photo Credit: Getty

ATLANTA - Bob Costas reached out to the Mets Monday to express that he meant no harm when he mocked the team's on-field celebration when Kirk Nieuwenhuis' walk-off homer gave the Mets a 4-3 win over the Cubs on Sunday.

Costas' critical remarks came during NBC's final- round coverage of the U.S. Open.

"A team 14 games under .500 celebrates as if it just won the seventh game of the World Series," Costas said on the air. "Another indication of the ongoing decline of western civilization."

Mets manager Terry Collins defended the team's celebration before riffing off Costas' comments.

"All right, civilization's over," Collins said. "We'll have to rebuild. We're starting today."

Collins said he would be more concerned with his team had they not celebrated and simply "packed up their crap and went inside."

"Show me a team that has a walk-off home run that they don't celebrate," Collins said. "Show me one. I've seen the Yankees do it, I've seen the Cardinals do it, I've seen the Los Angeles Dodgers do it. Everybody's excited, especially when you have a young guy like Kirk come up and do it in that situation. We're down three runs and it seemed like we haven't won a game in a week."

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